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About Us




Who are WE?

We (NYCF) are the national body complementing the work of Ministry of Youth in Fiji to foster and promote youth development

Where are WE located?

Vishal B Complex, 6 Waimanu Road,
Suva, Fiji

How can WE be reached via phone or email and to whom ?

Office direct line: (679) 3312200
Office Fax: (679) 3315027

General Secretary

Mr. Jone Nawaikula
Mr. Wiliame Nayacatabu
Project Manager
Ms. Emily Erasito

The National Youth Council of Fiji (NYCF) is the umbrella body for the two operational arms, Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Island and the Youth Assembly of the Fiji Island (YAFI)

The PYFFI encompasses all the 14 province of Fiji and Rotuma inclusive of Rabi and Kioa. YAFI comprise of the Faith base group, Alumni Association, NGO’ Uniform group (Red Cross, Scouts, etc.) and other group that does not fall under PYFFI.

As the umbrella body for PYFFI and YAFI, NYCF the  thirthy (30) executive members of NYCF are from the two arms - 15 executives from YAFI and 15 from PYFFI.

Members under YAFI and PYFFI parenting are automatic members of NYCFI as the parent bodies are direct affiliates of the Council.

                  The NYCF Organizational Chart


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